The stadium in Bremen

directly by the river Weser

Weserstadion Bremen

Football stadium of Werder Bremen


The home games of the Bremen soccer club Werder Bremen are always a highlight for all fans of the club. In the Peterswerder district, the Weser Stadium is transformed into a colorful green and white soccer world.

The history of the Weser Stadium began in 1909 with the construction of a sports field with a wooden grandstand. In the following years the sports field was extended and rebuilt, but at times it was used for political events rather than for sports or especially soccer.

It was not until after the Second World War that sport returned to the Weser Stadium in Bremen, initially with American sports such as baseball and football. In 1963, the German Soccer League was introduced and thus the Weser Stadium was also adapted. The northern straight was covered and a new floodlight system was installed. While in the 1990s the stadium was also used for other sports, such as athletics, from 2008 to 2011 it was converted into a pure soccer stadium. However, the athletics hall in the basement has been preserved until today. 

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