Colorful flowerage

in the Rhododendronpark Bremen

The Rhododendronpark Bremen

Largest Rhododendron collection in the world


In the Rhododendronpark Bremen you enjoy your Sunday walk surrounded by colorful flowers and pure nature. The distinct diversity of rhododendron plants makes this park something very special. It is one of the largest rhododendron collections worldwide.

The Rhododendronpark Bremen covers a total area of 46 hectares. It is also home to the Botanical Garden and the first Green Science Center (botanika) in the state. In 2003, the Rhododendronpark Bremen was named the "Garden of Human Rights". Along the many park paths, the 30 articles of the UN Human Rights Convention are engraved on
Bronze bands.

In the Rhododendron Park Bremen you can admire one of the largest variety of rhododendron species. About 600 wild species and over 3000 cultivars belong to the collection. In spring, the main flowering season of this plant genus, the park shines as a colorful flower landscape. But also during the rest of the year, the Botanical Garden, the Rose Garden and the Bonsai Garden with their multifaceted plant species can be admired.

Culinary delights are also catered for. After a long walk, coffee, cake and plenty of hearty dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurant "Bloom".

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