Developing quarter

directly by the river Weser

The Überseestadt Bremen

Industrial port in the Überseestadt


The overseas city has shown great development since 1998. It has become a multifaceted quarter of the Hanseatic city thanks to numerous companies and restaurants settling here. The attractive rental and owner-occupied apartments with a direct view of the Weser attract more and more Bremen residents to this interesting district of Walle.

In total, the Überseestadt occupies an area of 300 hectares, which is distributed over 3.5 km in length and 1 km in width. The maritime district is located in the immediate vicinity of Bremen's city center and is very well connected to public transportation. In this lively quarter there are different quarters with unique faces.

As planned, the Überseestadt is still under development until 2025 and is therefore constantly on the move and will continue to be filled with life. Many new buildings have been erected and new office and residential space has been created. But the renovation of the buildings, some of which are listed buildings, is also part of the development investments. The result is a unique ambience of traditional port buildings and modern architecture, which gives the quarter a lot of variety.


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