The smallest quarter of Bremen

with lots of sights

Schnoor in Bremen

Historic quarter in Bremen


The oldest quarter of Bremen, the Schnoor, with its narrow alleys and cosy little houses invites you to stroll and admire.

The "Schnoor" quarter is a very special place in Bremen. In its narrow alleys, numerous buildings are lined up, some of which are several thousand years old. There are many handicraft businesses and artistic sculptures to admire. The completely car-free street invites you to take a leisurely walk and stroll. The numerous small shops, restaurants and cafés are definitely worth a visit. In Schnoor, Hanseatic history is combined with modernity and art.

In order to preserve Bremen's oldest quarter as true to the original as possible, the buildings have been restored with great love and effort over the past decades. Thus, the fabric of most of the houses has been preserved to this day, which is the special charm of the quarter.

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