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Bürgerpark in Bremen

Pure nature in the center of Bremen


In Bremen's Bürgerpark, right in the center of the city, there are beautiful green spaces that invite you to walk and relax in all seasons. Many meadows for picnics, playgrounds for children and mini-golf facilities offer recreational activities for the whole family.

The fact that the park is so beautiful and unique today is not least due to the help of Bremen's citizens, who have supported the park since 1866 through the Bürgerparkverein. Bürgerpark has always been the perfect time out in nature for everyone. As the founding fathers said in 1865: "For lord and servant', man, woman and child. For use and joy for all time". This is where parents and their children meet to play, adults to go for a walk or for sporting activities. Whether jogging, cycling or playing miniature golf - the possibilities here are endless. Also for the physical well-being is provided by the versatile gastronomy offer. The Bürgerpark includes, for example, the Meierei, which offers a wide range of dishes and in summer invites you to enjoy a delicious ice cream on the terrace.

Throughout the park you will find monuments and sculptures. As a park decoration, for example, the "Niemitzbrunnen" was built in 1878 from the estate of Johann Friedrich Niemitz. In memory of the chairman of the Bürgerparkverein Franz Ernst Schütte, who died in 1911, a portrait was created and unveiled two years after his death.

The Bürgerpark with its untouched nature is just the right place for a short break in the countryside.

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