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The Böttcherstrasse in Bremen

Street of Art


The artist Ludwig Roselius bought a house in Böttcherstraße at the beginning of the 20th century and transformed this street into a small "city within the city" in the following years. Until today it is a big tourist magnet and fascinates many visitors by its unique architecture and the museums and stores it houses.

The construction of Böttcherstrasse was intended as a new cultural impulse for Germany after the lost First World War. It was intended to combine traditional handicrafts and art with modernity. During National Socialism, Böttcherstrasse came under heavy criticism and was even to be torn down. However, this was prevented by appropriate conversions and the street was declared a listed building in 1937. After Roselius' death in 1943, a large part was destroyed by fire bombing and it took over 10 years until Böttcherstrasse was restored. The facades of the buildings could be preserved with only a few changes, but the interiors designed by Runge & Scotland and Bernhard Hoetger would be lost with few exceptions.

The artistic architecture of the street is unique and hides many details and works of art. Among others, the Robinson Crusoe House, the House of St. Peter, the House of Atlantis and the House of the Carillon can be admired in Böttcherstraße.

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